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 Our Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry Is The One & "Only":


  • 100% Non Invasive (non piercing) Body Jewelry
  • Nipple Rings are 100% Adjustable Size & Tension
  • The only PATENTED Non-Piercing Nipple Jewelry System
  • Registered Trademark "Nipple Huggers®" slide on Nipple Shields
  • FDA approved as Sexually Stimulating - by Nipple Stimulation

Imagine tiny rounded wire fingers massaging the base of your nipple with each movement you make. Imagine hands free nipple stimulation (versus doing it yourself!) Imagine having your hands free to venture elsewhere during those intimate momDaisy Nipple Huggers(R) Nipple Jewelryents!

The "Original" highest quality Nipple Huggers®.

  • Ships discretetly packaged (From: "Shipping Dept." / SDI - no other name on package)
  • Retail Orders *normally ship within 2-3 Business Days. Priority & Express go to top of list.
  • Body Jewelry designed for *Lovers*, the ultimate Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Any Time gift!


...The Rewards

A few of the many rewarding side effects are that they are sexually 'arousing', and attract admiring attention from men & women alike. Our designs make you feel sexy, naughty & maybe a little adventurous all at the same time. There is no age discrimination here. Free up those hands, lips, tongue and let the mind wander with the delicious stirrings.

Nipple Huggers® is the only PATENTED system.

Since the beginning of time women have worn jewelry to accent our bodies. Non-piercing jewelry has once again become one of the hottest ways we increase our allure. From rings on our fingers and bells on our toes to the latest ....breast jewelry.

About Us And Our Designs....

  • What is this?
  • How is it worn?
  • What does it do?Tri Lacy Cover Page

Our Nipple Rings 'Jewelry System' was invented as an alternative to body piercing.

The FDA has classified it as more of a acupressure device, strongly recommending we make the OBGYN and Obstetrics divisions aware of it. You may want to read some of the multitude of articles on 'OXYTOCIN'. Two cents worth of thought: The Intranasal Oxytocin currently being prescribed and/or sold over the counter is a 'synthetic version', a recipe I have read which includes pig urine. Not a pretty thought is it. Basically the main problem with this synthetic is that it is not the real deal. It is not naturally produced in the individuals pituitary gland.

A highly sought after drug that is naturally produced by nipple stimulation and/or Nipple Huggers®, and the list of aliments, illnesses and cures by Oxytocin seems to be growing daily. Number one being that it both pleasures man and feeds babies, a miracle right there :).

We are currently exploring all alternatives in half a dozen more medical areas, i.e. the quickest route to get the word out. The FDA from the later point of view (more medical related) may not be the shortest path in this many forked options/paths. The FDA requires several stages of clinical testing, even though they have 'nothing' to compare it to...

The fact that our nipple jewelry design is literally one size fits all (provided there is a nipple to hug or grab). Please see our How to Wear Tips. Our designs cause a sexually stimulating reaction from the nipple stimulation, which is why we were awarded a 20 year utility patent. There is no other jewelry design that can lay claim to this phenomena.

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