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Our revolutionary Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry, "Nipple Huggers®" *are* the one and only most innovative in erotic, and sexually enhancing, Nipple Ring and/or Nipple Shield Nipple Jewelry. Setting new standards in design, to be both sexy & sensual and yet give the wearer total control of both size and tension. We are all built differently, some with more sensation than others.

It has been suggested that the use of an ice cube will make the nipple hard & will aid in the application/installation of the Nipple Huggers®. If when hard and erect, your nipple does not stand at least 1/8" tall, our nipple jewelry will be unusually hard to get on or to wear. In this case we might suggest our Nipple Sliders (see menu above, under Nipple Dangles and/or Nipple Chains)

The only basic requirement is that preferably you have eraser shaped nipples. The jewelry needs something to 'hug'.

Here is a movie demo if "How To Put Nipple Huggers® On"




The following is a picture by picture of how to put our Nipple Huggers® on:


  • Step 1, open & stretch the Nipple Hugger® out a little.
  • Step 2 & 3, bring it down and around the nipple.
  • Step 4 & 5, hook the right 'bud' or coil over top of the left and it will slide together like a hook and eye.
How to wear Nipple Huggers

(Photos courteous of

Step 7, a slight alteration may help many of you, in that the clasp or Bud is the first to lose it's proper position and will not stay closed. Here we actually suggest you pinch the buds while they are closed (between your index finger and thumb) and twist them a couple times (just like you would a bread tie). If your starting off this way, all you'll need to do is stretch it out so you can put it on like a ring and follow the steps below.

Step 8 ....being a new Nipple Hugger®, it needs to be shaped to your breast. Hold/pull the nipple out through the center and press down firmly on the petals until they take on the curvature of your breast, making sure the Nipple Hugger ® is still gripping the nipple. This also adds to the sensual feeling.

At this point, if it's not gripping the nipple tight enough to stay on, take the outer point of the petals two by two and pinch them together a little, all the way around until you get the desired tension. If it's too tight, pull the petals apart two by two, all the way around... and your ready to go! Just be sure to either loosen them prior to removal, or unhook them. Just pulling them off will both hurt and damage the non piercing nipple jewelry.


You can pre shape the Nipple Huggers® by gripping the coil so it does not come apart and gently pulling the petals out one by one all the way around the hugger. Make it so it is larger than the diameter of the nipple and will slide on like a ring. Then just push those petals in toward the base of the nipple, while keeping the coil shut. If too tight, pull the petals out. If too loose pinch the petals two by two together all the way around.

And here (below) you are dressed to kill!Sheer Pink top Gold Daisy Nipple Huggers

Sometimes it is also easier to start wearing the Nipple Huggers® upside down, with the rose bud (coil) at the top were it is easier to see how to close.

You'll know you have the right side facing up if the rose bud (coil) on the right hooks over the coil on the left. If it pinches when you hook it, just stretch / pull the petals out further. You can always push them in again for a snugger fit, and actually the snugger the fit the less chance of losing them (and the more sexy the feeling!).

It's best if going braless to wear your top tucked in until you are used to wearing them. This is so you don't lose one or both.

Another little known tip:

  • for those of us who's bust are starting to head south, east & or west.... find a mesh skin / nude color bra. Put it on and mark it where your nipples are setting at their most flattering height.
  • Take it off and cut a + just large enough for your nipple to fit through. Now you can wear the Nipple Huggers® outside the bra!
  • Works great for us more mature women.

Note: (we do not recommend the Daisy style unless your an experienced user). The Lacy and Tri Lacy Nipple Huggers® non piercing nipple jewelry are the easiest to put on and stay on. While our new Star Burst Nipple Huggers® are sexy, they tend to be best worn for 'show' under opaque and/or sheer clothing for lingerie or clubbing. The larger size of the Star Burst Nipple Huggers® (the longer fingers, or petals) make them harder to keep on during romantic activities, if you know what we mean *giggle*.

You'll find our Limited Edition of Nipple Hugger® Sliders under 'Nipple Chains in the menu.

While your here take a peek at our brand new line of Keep It Up® for men. When in motion, the KeepItUp!® will be erotic and sexually enhancing for both parties involved. Some have matching 'Nipple Dangles'(tm) for both Men and women.

Each Nipple Hugger® is hand made, so no two will ever look *exactly* alike. All wire Nipple Huggers® are sold in sets of two and priced accordingly.

Feed back is appreciated!

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