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Nipple Stimulation

The ' Bedroom' has mostly relegated itself to Sleeping and/or TV and then sleep. It's time to wake up the libido and those forgotten embers of sexual desire.

Leave your job at work and when you get home give your spouse an 'honest' heart felt kiss & hug. These are things a lot if us have managed to forget to do.

Sexual desire & stimulation are (or should be) a part of our daily routine. Sex is healthy. Sex is a way of expressing our love, relieving those pent up tensions and re-connect with your mate.

Viagra stayed in the headlines for years as help for ED. Drug companies are just now realizing women want to enjoy sex too! However it is this writers belief that it does not always have to be drug induced or invasive in any way. Viagra has the potential to make men go blind and/or have a heart attack. Not good.

In my research, Oxytocin (aka the 'Love Hormone') is the drug of choice especially when it comes to Sexual Arousal.

Both medical journals and history suggest women actually have an Oxytocin 'button' if you will, better known as 'Nipple Stimulation'. Both Medical Journal's & history, state it is the first line of defense in bringing on child labor, lactation, and sexual arousal primarily as well as other states of well being such as stress relief. In all of these 'states of being', nipple stimulation is recommended in order to start the body's natural production of Oxytocin, which in turn starts contractions, the production of milk and sexual arousal.

The general populous tends to think of nipple stimulation as a direct correlation to sexual arousal *only*. To suggest to a woman she stimulate her nipples is rather hard in most cases, simply because her mind is on the primary task at hand (child labor, lactation & sexual arousal - the later, especially in long-term relationships).

While drug companies have created a synthetic Oxytocin primarily used to induce labor via IV, it should be noted that it has to be a constant feed. Once disconnected, the synthetic Oxytocin fades away fairly quickly.

In pursuit of a woman's version of Viagra, one pharmaceutical company is trying to create an inhaled version of synthetic Oxytocin. Here again they are finding that while it does create a sense of trust, bonding and sexual arousal, testing on both men and women indicates it is still short lived - because it is synthetic and not constant.

Researching this phenomenal peptide hormone (Oxytocin) shows women can produce higher amounts of Oxytocin and reap longer lasting benefits from this natural production, via nipple stimulation. While men tend to get an Oxytocin spike during intercourse, it is believed that the testosterone release alone makes them more content, and the Oxytocin spike maybe diluted by the male hormones.

God's gift to (most) women, are our nipples. An Oxytocin "button" if you will. The key is the stimulation of these buttons". Of course there are several ways this can be accomplished using fingers, licking, sucking, etc.

Since the beginning of time, women have worn jewelry (for one thing) both to feel sexy and to attract the opposite sex. The FDA has recently approved a pliable decorative breast acupressure device (no needles) for sexual arousal. The wearer has 100% control of the size and the tension, leaving the hands free and the mind to blissfully wander.

Rekindling sexual desire does not have to be drug related.

Recapture the Rapture, God's Gift To Women....Nipple stimulation!

One non invasive, non prescription, non drug, non vibrating toy that has recently hit the market in another arena found it had a "wanted" side effect. A patented sexually stimulating system.

The patent reads in part "....This is as close to any aphrodisiac presently known to man." Quite a statement for non piercing nipple jewelry.

Check out Nipple Huggers® ~ Lacy & More. This product has the ability to make you forget the world outside and spice up the bedroom blues. No kidding!

I'll never be caught without a stash in my jewelry box again! Nipple Huggers®".

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