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Nipple Huggers® Chains

The coolness of the Nipple Chains rolling across your breast with each movement you make...

will make a new exciting addition to your bedroom 'keepers'.

Made of the highest quality, like any jewelry our non piercing nipple chains will last a long time with proper care.

Completely adjustable and easier to remove than other standard nipple rings on the market,.... However, keep in mind they do require a nipple (height) to grip or hug.

Some people like a tightness or snugness around their nipples. Slider Nipple Chains are one way to go. With our 'Nipple Chains' you can tighten the coil to 'your' desired level of tension causing the nipple to surge with sexual attraction. Aching for more attention... They actually make you stand erect, right along with the 'girls' as if to say "Look at us!" We're longing for more .... (fill in the blanks)

Our new twist on an old design, and better than a regular nipple ring. We assemble ours in house, using only the softest, rounded, stretchiest O rings. This also allows us to offer a choice in a wide range of styles. It also allows us to make our own coils, to insure adjustability.

Quarter & Dime for size comparison
To your left is a quarter & dime for comparison as to the size. Odds are 99.9% the size pictured here will be perfect. Tension is completely adjustable using the slides.

The picture is pretty close to true size.

Please keep in mind most of our real models, as well as our dolly - 'Molly' are about a size 2! So while we can adjust some styles such as our chains on Molly (our dolly), they will/may hang lower or longer on our real models. Best Bet is to get a measuring tape to see which might be right for you.  If the style you want is too long or too short - use our contact form and tell us you need shorter or longer for Item # (name/description of item will insure we are all on the same page).

Also, Molly does not have quite the curves of our real models - which can be both good and bad from the photographers point of view, for jewelry pictures.


Illegal Bracelet

Illegal Bracelet

Now how sexy is that? So, sexy it has got to be Illegal, right? Gold plated Handcuff Bracelet in your choice of white gold, or yellow gold.

Please note these bracelets are for size 8 with small hands - while they do unhook, it can be difficult

Handcuff Bracelet sells for $29.99, Yellow Gold.

Illegal Bracelet is available in the following:

Blue Gray Pearl Chain

Blue Gray Pearl Chain

This stricking, elegant blue gray color is stunning, especially when worn for your lover.This sexy Xrated style can be worn with our Nipple Huggers OR with silicone Orings (Note: Nipple Huggers(r) and/or ORings are sold separately).

This Blue Gray XRated nipple chain (measure approx. 40")sells for $29.99 TEMP SOLD OUT

It should be noted that the Hooker style and the XRated style in this color and all colors (wiht lobster claws) can also be worn as necklaces! All you need to do is hook the ends together!

Our Blue Gray Hooker chian (measures 30") sells for $19.99 (ONE IN STOCK!)

Our Blue Gray Cleo chains (measures 10") sells for $10.99

Silicone ORing with Silver coil sells for $5.00

Blue Gray Pearl Chain is available in the following:

Chocolate Pearl Hooker

Chocolate Pearl Hooker

This chocolate pearl color is such a beautiful it is no wonder Zales, or whoever it is advertising their Chocolate Pearls. They are the perferct color accessory, one of those "Must Have's".

Again, we are showing the variety of ways it can be connected. Note: Nipple Huggers(r) and ORings are sold separately. Oh, and they can be clipped together and worn as a necklace too!

Our Chocolate Pearl Hooker complete with Lobster Claws (measures approx. 30") sells for $19.99

Chocolate Pearl XRated complete with Lobster Claws ( measures approx. 40") sells for $29.99 (TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT)

And our Chocolate Cleo chain (measures approx 10") sells for $10.99

Pair Clear Silicone ORing with Silver Coils sells for $5.00

Chocolate Pearl Hooker is available in the following:

Hot Nights

Hot Nights

Currently we have available designer style Highly Polished Sterling Silver, perfect for all Lover's. This delicate cut chain is also known as the Honeymoon dance, all the ingredients for very 'HOT Nights!'.

It was only natural we named this slider HOT Nights!. Our introductory price is $39.99 each

Cowboy hat, fur vest (props are not included)

Each Heart is approximately 4x5 mm chain is 10 inches long. ;-) In Stock

Hot Nights is available in the following:

Cleo Aqua Pearl Chain

Cleo Aqua Pearl Chain

Cleo styling in tropical Aqua Pearls. Complete with lobster claws, o rings not included but are offered separately.

Tropical Aqua Pearl Cleo chain measure approximately 10 inches and sells for $10.99, O rings $5.00 a pair.

This tropical Aqua Pearl is also available in our XRated style (approximately 40") for $29.99 (TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT) and our Hooker style (approximately 30") for $19.99 

Note: Remember this is a size "2" model. That's why the chain hangs so low/long. (Nipple Huggers(r) and/or ORings are sold separately)

Cleo Aqua Pearl Chain is available in the following:

Dare Me....

Dare Me....

Made of the beautiful silvery hematite, this body jewelry has a heart pendent. The Dare Me Slider conjures all kinds of potential scenarios! Hmmm. Let the Dare Me invitation carry you away....

Dare Me Slider sells for $19.99

Dare Me Necklace for $19.99

Dare Me Necklace & Slider Set $29.99

Please note: Occasionally the parts for the pictured style "Dare Me" are defective and the main dangling heart will not hang straight. This is unacceptable to our quality control department. When this happens we will substitute a 'slightly different' variation. Still a true Hematite chain, but with a Red heart in the middle. This style does not dangle, but we find it hangs better, centers better and is much prettier in general.

Temporarily sold out

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